Saturday Saturday Saturday!

Today has been somewhat tiring. Adam’s still not entirely well, although he’s better than yesterday. We spent a good part of the day decorating the inside of the house for Christmas, because that’s what you do in my family on the first weekend of December. It was fun, and the living room and tree look quite nice. We even have a little train going around the bottom of the tree, alongside a village with lights and stuff.

We went to the walk-in clinic and Adam got checked out. Doc said he’d be fine in a couple of days, and it’s nothing serious. We also got flu shots, since living with Merv means we’re in a high-risk household (he’s diabetic.) My arm aches.

I also asked the doctor a few questions that were on my mind anyway. No answers I didn’t already know, basically.

Anyhow. We’re just relaxing at home tonight. Must start looking for apartment very soon.

I wish I had the Rainbow Connection on mp3.