Recap of the day…

Let’s see… it was a day. Got up and went out to New Westminster for an interview at the place where ginamoog works. I felt as though it went well, although sales isn’t what I ideally want to be doing. Not to say that I can’t do it, I’d just rather find something a little less sales-ish. Either way, it’d be better than dealing in powder.

After the interview Gina and I went for coffee, which was quite nice and made me feel slightly more related to humans than I have been lately. The whole work/home/work/home/shopping/home/etc routine was starting to make me feel like an automaton.

I had lunch at New Westminster Quay, chicken garlic tortellini – it was good. As I was settling in to lunch, however, I got a call from Adam saying he was leaving work early because he wasn’t feeling well. I decided to meet up with him on the Skytrain and forego my trek out to Grouse to pick up my Jacket and final paycheque. I will have to do that Sunday, I think. I’d rather stay at home and take care of him when he’s not well than run around town being worried. He may have picked up some sort of stomach bug thing that’s going around his work. I made him some ginger root tea and chicken soup when we got home.

Otherwise not much is going on. The Christmas party for work is tonight. Adam may or may not go depending on how he’s feeling.

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  • ginamoog

    December 4, 2004 at 5:04 pm

    It was nice seeing you again after how many years?!

    Anyways, I hope you get something soon:)