From the abode of the mighty spadoink

Adam and I headed out to North Van yesterday to look at an apartment and walk around trying to find for rent signs. It seemed to always be raining when we were on a bus, but as soon as we stepped off and started walking around it let up. It was starting to get a little weird. The apartment we saw wasn’t really something that we wanted, though, so we’re going to keep looking. After wandering around Lonsdale for a while we headed up to Grouse to pick up my last paycheque and the coat I ordered from them. The manager told me on the phone that she would really like me to come back, so I guess if we do manage to move to NVan I’ll have work, which is reassuring.

The rain was so bad up by Grouse that by the time we arrived there they were shutting the mountain down and moving all the staff off. They were only running the blue (smaller, older) Tram, because it was too windy to run the red one. We ended up waiting a good 2 hours or so for someone to bring my coat down. We sat under a ledge watching the rain pour down – it was really quite nasty out. Again, though, we were under cover when the rain was happening. Uncanny, I say.

Once we had my new coat we headed back down the mountain towards the Seabus to find spadoink‘s house, where we met up with him to go play some board and card games at another friend’s house. The games were all quite fun, and we stayed at Spad’s house for the night so we could play late and Adam could get to work in the morning by 7am. I’m still here, Adam’s at work.

Spad just called me a Treksta. It’s like a Gangsta, apparently, but I do walkin’ around stuff.

Okay, I’m going to go have brunch and then wander around town until it’s time to meet Adam after he’s done work. Then I guess we’re heading back to the Pitt.