Counting down until the Inlaws arrive…

They’re on the plane now, they should be arriving at 7:16 PM at the airport. Adam and I were going to take transit out there and meet them, but apparently they have way more luggage than rental car space, so now Adam’s going out by transit after work and Merv and I (and maybe mom) are driving out with the Van to be luggage handlers. I wonder if we get tips?

I’ve cleaned up our bedroom and put new sheets on the bed. Also cleaned out the litterbox again – Dayle you are one stinking bastid. I was going to go take a picture of the house from outside with the lights and the inflated santa & snowmen and sleigh, but I can’t find the digicam – maybe Adam took it to work with him?

Keiko is outside demanding imperatively that she be let in. We’re not letting her in because I think mom’s going to mop the kitchen floor. The cats are having an all-out war over litterboxes – I think my cats keep sneaking up to use mom’s cats’ box, and her cats sneak down to use Dayle & Sera’s box. When they get caught, there is much chaos and hissing.