Christmas Day

We had a good day. I got up relatively early (around 7:30 or so) and starting thinking about making breakfast. I actually managed to successfully make Eggs Benedict. They were pretty damn good, too. Adam’s family arrived around 9:30 I think, and we served up breakfast to everyone. After that we did stockings, and then presents. It was all quite fun.

I think Adam and I are definitely set up in the kitchen for our new place, after today. We got a lovely quilt for our future bed, too. It will be nice to have a bed.

The rest of the day was quite mellow. Adam and Jordy and I wanted to go out biking, but the weather didn’t co-operate. None of the three of us are great at just staying in, I think.

Merv made a fantastic Chirstmas dinner, and all were stuffed. I don’t think we’re eating for a week now.

Adam and I are sitting in our room now playing piano and guitar – Jordy and parents have gone back to their hotel, and mom & merv are sitting in the living room watching TV.

I missed snow more today than I have since the winter season started.