Apartment apartment apartment!! Apartment, even!!

So I think I’ve found us an apartment. Two bedroom, North Van, allows cats, in our pricerange, hardwood floors, great view of Burrard inlet and downtown on the other side, close to the Seabus, and I like cheese. Cheese, I say!

Anyhow. Last night was crazy-hectic. I left work at 4:30 to head over to North Van, where I wanted to drop a resume off at a place and check out an apartment. Turned out that I couldn’t see the apartment because the manager had to deal with a problem at one of his other buildings, so I ended up going all the way to North Van to drop of a resume. Not a complete waste, but the trip is worth more when there’s more than one thing to do.

I met up with Adam after he finished work and we grabbed some food downtown before heading back home to The Pitt. We got home just before 11, just in time to watch Jon Stewart and go to bed.

This morning I was up at 5:30 and at work around 6. While at work, I called about another apartment I could view near the PNE. Not my first choice in neighbourhoods, but it was worth checking out. I left a message with them, and shortly thereafter the landlord from last night called and we set up a time for me to go out and see the place tonight. After work I went home, changed clothes into something less covered in Whey Gourmet protein powder, and headed right back out the door with a protein bar in hand. Mmm healthy dinner.

As I sat waiting at the bus stop at the end of the road, my cell rang – the woman I had called about the PNE apartment was returning my call, letting me know she was showing the place from 6:30 – 7:30 tonight. I said I would try to come out and see it after my appointment in North Van, which was at 6:30.

As it turns out, the apartment in North Van (which I didn’t actually reach until about 7:00) was fantastic. I took a bunch of digicam pics, none of which really show the place off well. The landlord was a really nice guy, and really oldschool, which is cool. He also allows pets. It’s in a small (3-floor) walk-up building. Tomorrow I will be dropping off the numbers for my references and my security deposit.

It is fantastic to have that weight lifted off me. I was so giddy I phoned spadoink while I was waiting for the Seabus to go home again, and did a little dance while on the phone with him. I think he may think I’m crazy. Adam doesn’t even know the details yet, he worked until 10pm, and his phone’s nearly out of batteries so he’s conserving them to call when he gets close. I’m so anxious to tell him all about it.

Of course, this means three trips this week after work from The Pitt out to North Van. When Adam gets home tonight we’re going in the hot tub. I need to relax.

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  • msfancypants

    December 15, 2004 at 4:11 am

    Eek! PNE area… scary area from what I remember. I hope you get the one in North Van!!!