Today at work I managed to sprain my thumb. I blame it on my not wearing steel-toed shoes for the first part of the day.

No, really.

You see, I was hauling a skid off a stack of maybe 6-8 skids. I realized as I was doing it that I had forgotton to put on the safety shoes this morning when I got in to work, and decided I should be extra careful not to drop said skid on my foot when lowering it to the ground. Somewhere in the process of being extra careful, however, I managed to bend my thumb backwards with a resounding snap that immediately put me into a panicky Oh my god I think I broke my thumb train of thought. Scared the hell out of me. I bent it and poked it a few times, deciding that my thumb wasn’t broken, but was probably sprained.

I worked normally for a couple of hours, then went on break. That’s when it kinda started to hurt, so I iced it. THAT hurt a lot. After break I took the ice off and continued working. Fortunately I was only labelling buckets at that point of the day, which didn’t require much thumb usage. At any rate, it doesn’t hurt a lot unless I try to do things like open lids, push anything with my thumb, or grasp and pull things.

I proceeded to scrape my other hand, bruise my arm, and otherwise give myself general aches and pains for the rest of my day at work. I think for my own safety it’s good that I’m only working there for one more day.

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  • diyeana

    December 30, 2004 at 7:05 pm