We are in process of moving. We will be offline until we can get net set up, probably at minimum a week. Our cellphones work (some of you have the numbers) if anyone needs us.

I hope the new year brings the world closer.


Today at work I managed to sprain my thumb. I blame it on my not wearing steel-toed shoes for the first part of the day.

No, really.

You see, I was hauling a skid off a stack of maybe 6-8 skids. I realized as I was doing it that I had forgotton to put on the safety shoes this morning when I got in to work, and decided I should be extra careful not to drop said skid on my foot when lowering it to the ground. Somewhere in the process of being extra careful, however, I managed to bend my thumb backwards with a resounding snap that immediately put me into a panicky Oh my god I think I broke my thumb train of thought. Scared the hell out of me. I bent it and poked it a few times, deciding that my thumb wasn’t broken, but was probably sprained.

I worked normally for a couple of hours, then went on break. That’s when it kinda started to hurt, so I iced it. THAT hurt a lot. After break I took the ice off and continued working. Fortunately I was only labelling buckets at that point of the day, which didn’t require much thumb usage. At any rate, it doesn’t hurt a lot unless I try to do things like open lids, push anything with my thumb, or grasp and pull things.

I proceeded to scrape my other hand, bruise my arm, and otherwise give myself general aches and pains for the rest of my day at work. I think for my own safety it’s good that I’m only working there for one more day.

Eyes on me

I am anxious to be somewhere that I don’t get paranoid that people are watching and judging me for every little thing I do. It’s really been making me nervous all the time and I feel like crying some days. I feel like I’m trying so hard to get everything right, and it’s completely impossible. I just want to be alone with my Fiance for a while, in my own space and without anyone but cats staring at me and deciding how well I’m doing. They’re easy to please, I just have to give them food.


Today was pretty low-key, we went bed shopping and, sat around Adam’s parents’ hotel room for a while just chatting, and then to MEC to look around and replace Jordy’s busted backpack. After that we headed out to Burnaby to Metropolis at Metrotown (holy crap that’s an insane mall) to meet a cousin or of Adam’s. It was all in all a good day,

Tomorrow we will head out to Brackendale hopefully and see some Bald Eagles and maybe the Art Gallery there. If we have time perhaps we’ll stop at Shannon Falls. It will be so nice to have a car of our own sometime so Adam and I can go out and see these places ourselves… being packed like sardines in the back seat of the car is not as much fun as it sounds.

Bleh. I’m very tired and not thinking straight. It’s time for bed.

Boxing Day: No Shopping!

We managed to not go shopping at all today. I was quite happy about this.

We did head over to North Van to move things into our apartment (mostly Christmas gifts, small appliances, dishes, and so on) and then headed up Cypress where we wanted to go snow tubing. The snow tubing run at Cypress is pretty sad, though. I’ve toboganned down bigger hills in Ontario. It was good to see snow again, though. I do miss snow. We stopped at a lookout point on the way down the hill and checked out the view, which was quite nice. You could actually see further than ten feet in front of your face for the first time since Jordy arrived. It was nice.

Oh, and also, due to wrong turns in the past three days, we’ve done the complete tour of Stanley park by car not once, but twice. Stanley Park is apparently the place we end up when we make wrong turns. That and Surrey. We ended up in Surrey on the first night due to a missed turn-off on highway 1. Fortunately we haven’t done that since the first night.

After driving up and down Cypress mountain we went up to Capilano Suspension Bridge, where we admired the hugely tall and awe-inspiring trees and watched a bald eagle fly through the canyon below us, landing in a tree where we could gaze upon its nobility. Or something. It was quite beautiful.

Our next stop was back in Port Coquitlam where we had dinner at an Applebee’s (or however you spell it.) After dinner we headed out to see Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, which I enjoyed. Very dark, I wouldn’t take young kids to see it, but older ones for sure. I’d like to read the books someday.

Tomorrow will be great, we’re taking the West Coast Express (because we can) with Jordy down to Waterfront, then heading up to Grouse Mountain to take a ride up the Tram and wander around. Later we’ll head back into town and do some walking around town, maybe on Lonsdale and into the downtown core of Vancouver. I’m not sure exactly what we’re going to do, maybe go see an IMAX film or something, maybe go to the space science centre… we shall see. Either way it will be fun. We need a day away from the parents (not that we don’t love them) just to be able to relax and have some unstressed fun. Adam’s family all together in one place have an uncanny ability to complicate things. Entertaining for a while until it drives me crazy.

Christmas Day

We had a good day. I got up relatively early (around 7:30 or so) and starting thinking about making breakfast. I actually managed to successfully make Eggs Benedict. They were pretty damn good, too. Adam’s family arrived around 9:30 I think, and we served up breakfast to everyone. After that we did stockings, and then presents. It was all quite fun.

I think Adam and I are definitely set up in the kitchen for our new place, after today. We got a lovely quilt for our future bed, too. It will be nice to have a bed.

The rest of the day was quite mellow. Adam and Jordy and I wanted to go out biking, but the weather didn’t co-operate. None of the three of us are great at just staying in, I think.

Merv made a fantastic Chirstmas dinner, and all were stuffed. I don’t think we’re eating for a week now.

Adam and I are sitting in our room now playing piano and guitar – Jordy and parents have gone back to their hotel, and mom & merv are sitting in the living room watching TV.

I missed snow more today than I have since the winter season started.