Working working la la la

I worked the evening shift last night, and I do so again tonight. It’s a lot better than working the evening shift followed by an early morning shift – I only get about four hours of sleep when that happens. The evening shift gets me home around 11:30 or midnight, and I have to leave for the morning shift at 6:00am or earlier.

Mom got me some yarn, I’m thinking about crocheting something (since my knitting needles are all still in New Liskeard.) I haven’t decided what to make yet, though. What can I crochet that will fit into someone’s stocking at Christmas? Ideas, anyone?

This week at work has gone by pretty quickly. This is good. Next week is the staff party, but I’m working that night, so no partying for me. They said they’ll let those of us who are working go for an hour to get some food, but that’s not real partying.

I’ve started contacting employment agencies. Maybe they can find me something that will give me the ability to get an apartment. I do love my mom, but living with her isn’t necessarily my style. I haven’t had an apartment of my own since Adam and I had our one-bedroom in the Beaches back in December of 2002. Since then we’ve either been living with Parents (his and mine) or with our roommate Ian back in Toronto. That’s just too long.