So yeah…

I tried to relax for a while, and couldn’t sit still. Tried to nap, and couldn’t sleep. I have this tightness in my chest that’s not because of something I ate. I’m just having a minor anxiety attack, I’ll be fine shortly, maybe after I sleep or something. I have to be up early again tomorrow for work. At least Thursday through Saturday I’m on the afternoon/evening shift, so while I don’t get home until midnight, I also don’t have to be up at 5:30am.

At any rate, I gave up trying to relax and gave in to the overwhelming need to look for still more jobs. I looked, I applied, I expect to still hear nothing back.

I got seriously disturbed at work today as I unpacked ski gloves and received them. There were very large boxes. Inside the large boxes were plastic bags. Inside each of those plastic bags were two more plastic bags. Inside each of these plastic bags were six pair of ski gloves, each individually wrapped in plastic bags. I was so thoroughly disgusted with the amount of packaging that I was actually nauseous. Right at that moment I wanted to walk out the door, down the mountain in the pouring rain and freezing cold wind and out of this commercialized place that feels the need to package things to that extent. I was filled with rage. One of the assistant managers came down, saw me surrounded in the piles of plastic, and knowing how I feel about such things (I’ve voiced my disgust before) she sympathized. Somehow, though, that’s just not enough.

Going to try sleeping now.