That was a long day at work, and yet it was among my best. This is primarily because I was working in outfitters, the store that sells all the skiing and snowboarding gear. It’s upstairs on the main level of the lodge, which means you see a lot of people, especially the people who came up the Grouse Grind and other staff members. In other words, it wasn’t lonely. It was entirely pleasant, and I felt like I wanted to stay forever. God I’m moody.

After I was done my shift, I went in to see the product awareness night. The gear and clothing suppliers had set up tables and were offering a lot of gear at a serious discount. I finally got to order my Sierra Designs jacket, the one I’ve had my eye on pretty much since I started at the mountain. It wasn’t one of the things the rep had available, but he ordered it for me anyway at an awesome price. I was happy, and it means I shall have a waterproof coat of my own finally. I’ve been borrowing mom’s since I got here, and I don’t really want to be.

I also won a DVD in the draw – it’s a video of skiing, put together by Orage, of the Orage sponsored ski and snowboard teams doing fancy things, I’m sure. I will watch it possibly tomorrow. They gave us free (crappy) beer and a beef bun sandwich that was pretty good. Afterwards, the assistant store manager actually gave me a ride home, which was absolutely fantastic. It meant getting home way earlier than I would had I taken transit.

Tomorrow I don’t start work until 5:15, which means I don’t have to leave the house until 2:45 or so. Yay sleeping in!