I have re-entered the twenty-first century!

Step one to independence: Have acquired cellphones for Adam and myself. If you want the number, email me.

I worked today. It was kind of cool, because the city was all foggy and overcast, and then I went up the tram and into sunlight and blue sky. It was lovely. I was made to be happy by this.

There weren’t many people on the mountain today, though, which translates to nearly nothing to do. I folded lots of t-shirts and zipped up coats, then I tried on the coat that I want to buy. I wants it so much. It’s pretty. For the rest of the day I wandered around trying to find things to do. Pretty boring, really.

I must make new user icons. I feel the need to have many new user icons. Oh yeah, and I have to join Jeni’s user icon thingie. Must… have… icons….