A Recap (with pictures)

We went out early this morning with Merv, who gave us a ride most of the way to downtown, which was very nice. It was pouring rain. I went to my test/interview/thing at the temp agency, which took a couple of hours, and the rain stopped. We then headed to the North Shore to walk around Lower Lonsdale for a while, considering if we’d want an apartment there. It’s nice. On the way back to downtown on the seabus, I snapped a quick picture of work, as seen here:

The top of the mountain is obscured by clouds. It gets that way sometimes.

We then wandered up to the Broadway/Granville area to look around and consider it for possible future living arrangements. It was hilly in parts. Lots of stores and conveniently placed things there. I snapped another quick picture, this time of Japanese Maple Leaves scattered on the sidewalk. The colour was too intense for me not to.

After that, we went in to Toys R Us, where we found a laser-sighted nerf gun we wanted to buy for Dayle, and then Chapters where I wanted to spend a few thousand dollars. Dinner was had at a meat-filled restaurant of lousiana meatiness, wth spadoink. It was pleasant and enjoyable.

We came home after that – the skytrain was extremely slow to pick us up, which sucked. But now we are home and I’m watching The Daily Show. All is well, other than the fact that I must get up extremely early in the morning to leave for work, and I work the next five days straight, which I haven’t done yet before now. Usually I get a day or two off every three days or so. This will be difficult.

I’m in a good mood, though.