A Rat Update

They caught the rat when I was at work. Adam tells me that Merv got himself all set up with a headlamp, work gloves, a fishnet, and the vaccuum cleaner to try and catch the thing. I can only imagine what that looked like. At any rate, the rat has been caught and released into the brambles of the dyke. It’ll likely be eagle food soon. Either that or the rain will drown it. Adam and Merv sealed up the rat’s hole that got it into the house in the first place, so we shouldn’t be having any more rat problems.

Unfortunately, Keiko the mighty huntress dog is convinced that the rat is still in the house, and has been barking at where it used to be since I got home from work. Stubborn bitch.

Work tonight was completely dead. I told the assistant manager about my finding other work – he was understanding, and surprised that it took me this long to leave. I could’ve held out if we had really moved on December first like the original plan, but we didn’t. It was a nice place to work, the mountain. I love that part. When I have a real full time type job, I will buy myself a pass for the mountain so I can go up whenever I feel like it. I already miss it when I’m not there.

I am doing something for the mountain that I will probably regret. I said I’d still take a partial shift monday night after I work at my mom’s work, because it’s the christmas party night and I don’t want to have other people who got the night off to come in and cover for me – they already have tickets for the staff xmas party. Plus I may work two shifts next weekend, although I’m thinking about cutting that back to one. The extra cash is good, but I’ll need more rest than that between two jobs.

I’m far too nice for my own health.