A new job

So this morning at six am I went in to my new work with my mother. Good thing I get along with my mother, considering I now live and work with her. I am now quite tired, as after work I went directly to Grouse to go to work. I only had to work for less than two hours at Grouse, it was kind of sad, but I promised I’d go in so everyone else could go to the Staff Christmas Party. Go me. Anyhow, Merv was very nice and picked me up after work, so I didn’t have a 2+ hour trip home. This is all good because I work again at six tomorrow. I will be going to bed very very soon.

On the tram on the way up to the Mountain tonight I was surrounded by at least fifty or so staff members, dressed to the nines and happy to be going out to party. It was nice to see, and it made me incredibly sad at the same time. I really did like the people there, and I’m sorry to be leaving – it would have been fantastic to actually have a chance to get to know people well enough to spend time with them outside of work or something. I started realizing on the trip up tonight that I actually had things in common with these people. Crazy.

I don’t have so much in common with the people at mom’s work, but then it’s a temp job so that isn’t vitally important. I am kind of feeling disconnected, though. Adam and I both need to get out more, meet people, do things that aren’t around the house or shopping. We need to find our lives here.


  • spadoink

    November 22, 2004 at 11:06 pm

    that will be a lot easier when you aren’t forced to be looking in the boonies.