A busy day

So I learned today that in BC Remembrance Day is a Stat Holiday, which means you either get the day off work or you get paid overtime. And if you’re in school, you get the day off. Ontario’s not like that. It also means that the buses are on Sunday schedule, which, when living in Pitt Meadows and working in North Vancouver, basically means that you may not get home at all. Fortunately Merv waited up until midnight for us, and came to pick us up at Coquitlam station. I appreciate that man greatly. And I dislike Sunday schedules for getting back to Pitt Meadows.

Adam picked me up a little keyring compass, which is fantastic, because my sense of direction is all wrong in this city. I always feel like North is East (and the other directions shift accordingly.) I’m hoping with a compass I can reset my centre so that everything feels right again. It’s really unsettling, knowing that logically this direction is North and feeling like it’s East.

I feel bleh.