I had a bath with the whirlpool tub, and now I hurt far less than I did. I almost feel human, even!

Apartments for January first have started popping up. Soon we will be able to start looking at them. I’m so excited about moving.


My back is so very sore. Today was apparently a ‘not good back’ day for both my mom and I. I hurt, and so does she. Go us!

Nothing much to update about. There’s very little in my mind right now besides being very sore. I should do some more knitting. Oh wait, that hurts the back too. Bleh. My face feels caked in protein powder today. It’s chalky and dry. I should wash.


I want to rage and throw things and yell but I know it won’t help, so instead I’m going to go for a bike ride. It’s sunset again. I’ll be cold by the time I get home. Then I can have hot chocolate and try not to feel stupid.


This morning greeted me with frost. I guess it got cold overnight. It looks pretty, though, with the white over the grass and everything. The weird thing is, underneath it all the grass is still green – not brown like Ontario. Then again, in Ontario right now, there’s snow on the ground.

I should take Scrappy for a run in the blueberry field today. He’d like that.

The Sims are calling me, but equally is NeverWinter. I have unfinished business with Neverwinter, and I’m still just getting into the Sims 2 (I’ve only actually played it once, what with Adam’s computer having so many issues since we got here.) I do want to spend some time outside today, so I will not spend the whole day playing both games. No, really, I won’t.

I wish I could get some of my film develped.


I spent a good part of today playing Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide. I haven’t even started Hordes yet, but at least we’ve got it. Adam’s playing through that one now. Yes, we’re behind, but that’s okay, it gives us something to do here in Pitt Meadows.

I went out for a bit with Mom & Merv to the new Superstore around the corner (grocies and lots of random stuff store, mostly.) When we got home, I took Keiko out for a bike ride on the Dyke. We didn’t go far, because riding with a dog who likes to stop at random intervals requires a lot of concentration on my part. I think I’d prefer a different kind of leash for such things in the future, the one I had was awkward to use and still hold my handlebars with. Anyhow, we only went about 3km or so altogether.

The clouds were just below the mountain peaks, which had a layer of new snow on them. It was beautiful. I took a few pictures, both with the digicam (blurry) and with my film camera, which someday I may get to see developed. After we move.

Rice Krispy squares are painfully addictive.