Workin’ for a living…

I’ve worked the past couple of days. I work again tonight, actually, at 5pm until 10pm. Hopefully my bus transfers work well enough to get me home at a somewhat reasonable hour. I have the next three days off, which will be good. Must recuperate from all this transit-riding. It’s not bad, though – it’s only usually taking me 2 and a half hours at most to get there, and when I’m early I just wander around the mountain a bit.

I’ve been training in their Theatre in the Sky the last couple of days. It’s a piece of cake next to the Alex, I tell you. Today I’ll be training in the retail end – another piece of cake after having worked at Long & McQuade for so long, I’m expecting.

Most of my co-workers are 19 and in University. Oh the drama… I feel kind of old.

I locked Dayle and Sera in the sunroom at 7am today because they were waking me up. Dayle started in on beating Sera to a pulp, so my mom let her out and left him locked up. He’s such an ass.