Sporadic updating at best

I never remember what I’ve mentioned when I update anymore, since I’m not updating as often as usual.

Our computers might be shipped soon, which is good news. Along with my guitar and adam’s keyboard and our bikes. All good things.

Work is pretty straightforward and easy. Nothing will be nearly as challenging as dealing with irate Upper Balcony patrons, or guarding the wheelchair washroom. I still feel a bit old compared to everyone else. The assistant manager is four years younger than I am… The question is, will the nature of my position eventually lead me to feeling undervalued? We shall see, I suppose… for now, I’m going to get snowboarding lessons and use my free ski lift pass as much as possible. Once there’s snow, I mean.

Oh, it snowed on top of the mountains last night. I could see it from the dyke. It was pretty. The grass is all still green, though… mom tells me it never goes brown. How odd.

Today we took mom’s dog Scrappy out to run in the blueberry fields. It was muddy and wet, but fun nonetheless. Otherwise, we did nothing much at all.