My computer has returned….

Shipping is hell on computers. My machine is basically working though. It’s really good to have my own computer back, I’ve missed it. There’s a familiarity that you get with your own machine…

My second hard drive (aka the important one) might have issues. I must open the case and check it out, it’s not showing up at all. It’s the one with my web pages I’m working on, my scanned photos (more than a few hundred of those) all my writing, and my recipe collection, along with lots of other things that I don’t want to think about right now. I haven’t got the energy to do it right now, I’ll try tomorrow morning.

Work today was easy, there were barely any people on the mountain, so the shows had an average of four people in each. I was running the theatre most of the day. Easy stuff after working at the Alex… no one has panic attacks or demands that go out of my way to make their lives perfect and such. So much easier.