Into Maple Ridge we go…

Today Adam & I took the bus in to Maple Ridge, where we found a bike shop that would be happy to put our bikes back together for us once they arrive. The one guy also said he’d give us directions out to some good cross country trails, which would be fun.

Our things will probably be ready to ship by Thursday, which is great, since I’d really like to have my computer again. I realized today, however, that I don’t have my negatives, which is really kind of frustrating. I may never get the new site finished at this rate. And I don’t even know which box they’re in – I know it’s one of the big ones, and the same box also has the photo albums and some books and stuff in it, but I don’t know which one. I wish we’d had time to label and organize everything. Blah.

I’ve been thinking about school some more. I still don’t know what exactly I’d like to study. Hooray for indecisiveness. (I wonder if I spelled that right?)

We went to CostCo today, where I was tempted to spend money. Fortunately, I forgot my wallet, and so no money was spent. We also went to a Japanese restaurant in Maple Ridge where I had some fantastic Sashimi for lunch. It was good to not stay home and do nothing like we did yesterday.

Mountains are far more imposing when there’s snow on their peaks. They just look… bigger. I like mountains.