Hurray for Tuesdays…

… or something.

We’re getting pretty bored now. All of the money we have left is pretty much allocated for shipping, and people who owe us money aren’t getting around to paying us, let alone telling us when they might be able to. As such, we’re basically housebound until we think of something to do. Tomorrow we have to stay at the house anyhow because a phone guy is coming sometime between 9am and 5pm to install a jack upstairs in Merv’s office, and we’ll be the only ones home.

Adam’s starting to go kind of crazy. I’m not there yet, but that’s only because I have some Charles De Lint books to keep me entertained. Unfortunately, I only have two and I’m nearly done the first one. Plus, there’s only so much reading and watching television a person can do. Adam was going to get me Sims 2 for my birthday, but I told him not to bother picking it up until we actually have our computers here. Not much point in having it when I won’t install it on my mom’s computer. She uses it a lot, no need to monopolize it. Plus, the computer’s just not fast enough to run Sims 2.

I have some stuff to work on. I should do that. It shouldn’t take long to finish.

And also I should look for work again, because being poor doesn’t allow you to do fun things. Especially when you don’t have your bike in the province. Or your computer.