All right, so I was mistaken

I apparently got confused between the two schedules I had, and it turns out that I got today off. It was a good thing I figured it out before I went in to work today…

And so, instead of working today, Mom, Merv, Adam and I went for a big drive around Mission, back roads back to Maple Ridge, out to Pitt Lake, and around Stave Lake and power station (not in that order.) It was beautiful and I took a bunch of photos to be developed someday. I’m collecting the rolls of film these days. We ran out of batteries on the digital camera, unfortunately.

It looks like Adam will be getting enough hours starting in November. This is a good thing, as it means he won’t be so bored. I still have a feeling we won’t be able to move for December first, though, so long commute time it is for me. We could probably manage it if we get paid back, but I don’t think we can count on that happening at all. Such is life.

I’m very hungry and mom’s making a roast beast. I can smell it cooking. Mmmmmmmm.