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This week we watched:

Eurotrip – I thought it was funny
Love, Actually – Great movie. so many sexy men.
Holes – much better than I expected, and actually pretty cute.
Winged Migration – Really quite amazing to watch, although I fell asleep for the last bit.
Hidalgo – Yay horses! Yay Viggo!
Invader Zim (2nd DVD set) – not a movie, but awesome nonetheless. Can’t wait for the third set.

I was going to watch Whale Rider today, but we had to take Adam’s Mom’s car in for an oil check instead. Then we biked around town, went for coffee at the cafe/bookshop owned by Paul & Jenn, picked up blue hair dye for jordy’s hair, and biked home. It was about 16 km I think. I’m not conditioned for biking anymore, I think I’ve been off the bike for nearly a month now. Plus the cold. Stupid cold. Wiped me right out.

My sister’s wedding is in just over a week. That’s just crazy, it used to seem so far away. I’m getting my hair done for it in some shade of purple/pink.

Can’t stay online, this isn’t my computer. Blasted lack of internet access. My machine’s not even set up, so it doesn’t really matter, but I just miss it. I miss people.

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  • testytree

    September 2, 2004 at 6:29 am

    Miss you too!