Keeping Busy in Northeastern Ontario

Yesterday we took the dogs for a walk at Pete’s Dam, which was fun. They seemed to enjoy themselves completely. I took a few pictures, which will be developed with the wedding photos by Saturday.

We watched the Last Samurai yesterday, as well. Good movie, I think Tom Cruise has really grown into himself as an actor. It was kind of a cross between Braveheart and Dances with Wolves, I think.

The purple in my hair is going away bit by bit. Stupid hair wanting to be red. I guess it’s a plum colour now… Ah well.

We’re hoping to go biking at Pete’s Dam this evening before it gets dark. It’s a nice little trail, not too technical or anything. We did it a couple of times when we were living here last year, but I think I’m a bit more comfortable with it now than I was then. Hopefully being in real mountains won’t scare me too much, once we get out west. I don’t like breaking things like bones.