We didn’t end up biking at Pete’s dam yesterday, instead we went to the cross country ski trails and did a bit of trail riding there. It was sandy, but a lot of fun otherwise. We may go back one more time before we head out west, if we have time. We also want to go to Pete’s Dam and out to Smoothwater to do their trails. We’re running out of time.

The yard sale is on Saturday, and possibly Sunday if there’s much left. I hope there’s not much left by then. I’m parting with some of my books and all of my VHS movies. This is difficult for me, but I don’t own a VCR anymore, so I’ll never get to watch them again. I have some classic Disney movies, like the version of the Little Mermaid with the penis in the castle, and the original Beauty and the Beast without the extra scene/song, and other such things. So many Disney Movies… plus all the Muppet movies and Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal and the Neverending Story… Ack. So many things I must replace on DVD. Hopefully I can find the versions of my favourite kids movies without added scenes and such. Call me a purist, but I like my original versions.

We fly out of Toronto in ten days.