More on Vancouver

My extended userpics expired yesterday. How sad.

In other news, Adam and I spent all day yesterday from about 9am until 9pm exploring Vancouver. We walked around downtown, we took the skytrain, we hopped the Seabus to Lonsdale Quay, we dropped in to Mountain Equipment Co-op, we stopped at Lougheed Mall, we ate a beavertail (mmmm beavertails) and we walked and walked and walked until my feet hurt too much to move. They still hurt, but it was worth it.

These are some of our observations:

  • The people out east who told us that apartments and groceries are more expensive here were wrong. We see no signs of such things.
  • The transit, while not great to Pitt Meadows, is still not much different than getting downtown or to the beaches from Steeles and Bathurst in Toronto.
  • Skytrains are by far the best mode of transportation ever invented. Some fantastic!
  • There are lots of hills here. It sort of looks like someone took Cobalt ontario and turned it into a successful city, rather than a dead ghost-town of days gone by. And bigger. Much bigger.
  • The fog that indicates fall has arrived is very very thick.
  • Seabusses are extremely neat. Especially since they’re part of the transit system too.
  • Everyone at fast-food stalls and coffee shops actually seems honestly happy, rather than mindlessly depressed drones. Maybe we’re just going to the wrong coffee shops and fast food stalls, but it’s rather odd so far.
  • North Van is purty.
  • I like cheese.

    I’m sure there’s more, but right now I forget. It was a long day yesterday. Today we’re going to clean up the house and maybe bike down the dyke a little ways (which happens to be part of the Canada trail, so if we really were ambitious we could bike back to Ontario. Not that we are.)

    Tomorrow is my birthday and we are most likely going to the Vancouver Aquarium, because we haven’t been there and it’s cool. Mom is coming too, which will be fun. Sometime next week we hope to go back towards North Van and check out Grouse Mountain (does it cost to get in and hike?) and Capilano Suspension Bridge. We like doing touristy things while we still can. Then I have to start thinking about work. Adam’s already got something most likely at MEC, so he’s set. I guess I should start thinking about finding a job. I hate that part.

  • Vancouver: Day 2

    It seems that it’s foggy here in autumn in the morning. The radio people keep calling the weather ‘murky’ which I’ve never heard used as a weather term before.

    I wish I had my own computer here. I’m getting awfully tired of using everyone else’s machines.

    Adam’s looking around online to figure out how we can get into the city by transit from here. Everything works on the honour system, and the skytrains have no drivers. Craziness.

    Mom and Merv are both off doing work-like stuff. The cats have settled in fairly well, they’re not hissing at Keiko anymore (she’s not much bigger than they are and pretty harmless for a dog) and they’re eating and using the litterbox and sleeping and such without too much trouble.

    I’ve been taking pictures with the digital camera, I will try to post some in the next while, once I find a computer with a USB port… can’t find it on mom’s, so I may have to use Merv’s. We really need to look into getting our computers out here, this is just too rough on us. Heh.


    The flight in last night was clear. It was night, so we couldn’t see much beyond the lights of cities as we passed them by. The pilot announced Detroit and I thought of Oki. He announced Minneapolis and I thought of Bria. He said we’d be seeing Spokane too, and I thought of Ashkitty.

    Adam’s parents gave me a digital camera for my birthday…. it’s awesome. It’s a nice little portable Canon A400. They gave me a 256 mb card for it too, so I can fill it in a day and a half. Okay, it might take me longer than that, but only because I’ll delete as I go.

    The cats survived air travel and have come out none the worse for wear. They were awfully quiet when we picked them up last night in the Vancouver airport. If the landing had messed their ears up as much as it did Adam’s and mine, then I wouldn’t be surprised if they were totally deaf at that point. They’ve been wandering around mom’s house this morning, trying to avoid the little dog Keiko. Keiko thinks that they’re a new toy. Dayle has been sitting in a window staring out at the fog all morning.

    We’re going to explore around the house today, and maybe walk or bike on the dyke some. Hopefully the fog will life and we’ll be able to see further in the distance, since we haven’t seen a mountain at all yet, besides the one we could see flying in. It was dark and the moon was reflecting off the snow on its peak… it was beautiful, but subtle, and mountains are rarely subtle, if I remember right.

    It’s 9:03 but it feels like noon. Freaky.


    We’ve been running around like mad since we arrived in Toronto last night. Life is crazy.

    Today we went to Wonderland (Me, Adam, Jordy and Shelley) and it was awesome. We went on as many rides as we could fit in, we spent exorbitant amounts of money on amusement park food, we stood in lines, we wrote a 3 part movie series, and we learned the true secrets of the amusement park. All told, the day was a lot of fun but completely exhausting. It didn’t help that Dayle kept us up all last night with his insane yowling. I hope he handles tomorrow a bit better (yeah… put him on a plane for six hours, he’ll handle that great I’m sure…)

    After Wonderland we had to go to the Jewish New Year Break Fast at Adam’s Aunt’s house. There was much good food to be had, and we were terribly exhausted before we even arrived. We did, however, let everyone there in the extended family know about our engagement. They seemed happy for us.

    Tonight we hope to sleep. Tomorrow we will be sleeping in British Columbia. Everything is moving forward, but it’s feeling pretty crazy because we haven’t been able to think past tomorrow since we first started planning this move. Past tomorrow everything is a complete mystery.


    I have news. I would like to announce this news with a photo. And I refuse to cut because it’s my journal. So there.


    At this moment, Adam, Dayle, Sera and I have nowhere to stay this weekend before we fly out to Vancouver. We’re going in to Toronto on Friday, should be there by afternoon or evening, and we’re flying out on Sunday. Saturday we’re spending the day at Wonderland.

    Does anyone in Toronto have somewhere we can crash with our two kitties for two nights? Please email me or comment here and let me know…

    waiting for the oven…

    Meme from faroh, although I’ve decided to change the wording a bit because I didn’t like the way it worked before. All I basically did was remove one step sort of, so instead of ending up with a single digit number, I got a double. Not a big difference, but it makes me feel better.

    Holy crap I’m analyzing how I feel about memes. I must be going insane.

    1. Take your LJ username and replace each letter with the corresponding number (A=1, B=2, etc):

    J = 10
    E = 5
    N = 14
    N = 14
    Y = 25
    L = 12
    E = 5
    E = 5

    2. Put all of the numbers together to create a kind of super number (this used to say add… it seemed like way too small a number to me.):


    3. Add the digits of the number together:


    4. Find the post of this number in your LJ. If you don’t have that many posts, add the digits together again.

    36. that’s a bit better than the 9 I got before, but still… I think this meme should give you a bigger, more random numbered post to look for.

    5. Take the digit you noted in step 3 (or 4 if you added the digits together again), and count that many words into the post:


    6. Use the resulting word in a Google image search, and select a picture from the first page and post the results:

    Click here to see the picture… I like it. It amuses me.


    Today we sort, organize and pack. It seems overwhelming right now. I hope it gets easier soon. It just looks like so much to do…

    Time to go get started.

    The beginning of Autumn

    We’re thinking about sending the pictures I took this morning off to the weather network or something, so that they can explain what was going on there for us. I’d really like to know.

    The day has evolved into a beautiful sunny day, with a touch of autumn’s coolness. Tomorrow is the first day of autumn, so that only makes sense really.

    I’m making peanut butter cookies with Kraft Chocolate Peanut Butter. We shall see how they turn out. I like peanut butter. My hands smell like chocolate peanut butter. Mmmmm.

    I just got a notice that my paid account with lj will be expiring in nine days or something. This is a sad thing to me. Maybe when we’ve figured out our moving stuff budget I can buy more paid time… although it’s not really a necessity, but more like a luxury.

    The yard sale Saturday and Sunday went well. We sold a whole lot of stuff. It’s amazing what people will buy, I tell you. The rest of it’s going to the Salvation Army sometime in the next couple of days.