Tuesday lunch and retail therapy

Lunch with Cyn and Aphyd was wonderfully nice and mellow. I nearly cried when I was heading back to the subway, though. This whole nearly crying thing will likely catch up on me at some point. I’m so going to miss people. And to think at one point I had myself falsely convinced that people were just humouring me… Silly girl.

It seems that the entire time I was out, the rain avoided me – there’s been a patch of sunlight over me all day. I went in to the Eaton Centre to see if they still had My Little Pony T-shirts on sale, and while I was in there it poured on everyone outside. They didn’t have the T-shirts, but I tried on some capris that were on sale and they fit me perfectly and they were like 70% off so I had to buy them. I’ve never tried on capris that looked good on me before. Retail therapy.

Must clean the apartment this afternoon, the building manager is showing it later this evening.

I’m in such a fantastic mood today it’s almost unreal.

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  • drtrauma

    August 10, 2004 at 1:23 pm

    …sounds like an excellent day. Good for you.