Things I accidentally brought home from work…

  • My clip-on tuxedo bowtie.
  • My nametag

    Oops. Maybe I’ll drop the bowtie off this week sometime. Heh.

    I’ve suddenly gone from having two jobs to having none. It’s starting to sink in. Tomorrow will be more real, because this is my usual day off, and I haven’t had two days in a row off in quite some time. That’s when it’ll really be apparent that I don’t have to go to work. Instead, I’ll fill my time with social calls, because while last night was all sorts of fun and I got to see a bunch of people, it was hard to really sit down and chat with some of them.

    My schedule is starting to fill up already with socialness. Thursday is Adam’s birthday. Saturday we’re going out with Adam’s grandmother & possibly his aunt. Tomorrow I’m doing coffee at lunch. There might be an IRC dinner with #toronto undernet oldtimers sometime this week (although whoever’s organizing it should pick a day soon, so I can make sure I have it free.) I’m supposed to do dinner with Monica sometime this week, hopefully.

    I’m trying not to stress too much about the weekend moving organization issues. It’ll work itself out, I guess.