Only Five Shows left…

That’s right, I only have to be at Mamma Mia another five times, and then NEVER AGAIN! Woohoo!

I met up with Bryan to show him the pictures from the photo shoot we did last week. He was happy with them. He took them with him so he can got through them all and work out which ones he wants to use for his site, which I’ll also have to work with him on. There’s barely any time left for this stuff… Unfortunately, he can’t come out to the farewell party / show on Sunday, because Tanglefoot is playing in Thunder Bay this weekend. It makes me sad, but I’ll get to see him on the canoe trip, so it’s okay. I just wanted to see him perform again.

I have a couple of things to type up. I think maybe I’ll work on that, and have a cup of Rooibus red chai tea.