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These Pet Poisoning incidents are making me want to cry. It’s just so cruel to the animals and their owners.

It looks like a bit of that Hurricane Charley might hit this area. It’s already raining. Maybe biking won’t be my chosen mode of transportation today… we shall have to see.

I like Target as much as the next person, at least when I’m visiting the states, but the idea of them buying up the Bay really quite irks me. And makes me sad. The Hudson’s Bay Company is the oldest company in North America. It’s been here in Canada for 334 years. I worked for the Bay when I first moved to Toronto – it wasn’t a bad place to work.

I should know better than to read news sites in the morning.

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  • strange

    August 13, 2004 at 10:07 am

    The thing about the Bay is really sad… at that many years it should be protected as part of our heritage or something. *sigh*