It was odd, yesterday, at work. People kept coming up to me and hugging me and wishing me well. I don’t know exactly why I find that odd, I guess just because I forget that I seem to have impact on people. This was the longest I worked anywhere for quite some time – I was at the theatre for ten months. That’s even longer than I was at MusicMusicMusic. Not as long as I stayed at Long & McQuade – still the top time I’ve been anywhere. And of course I’ve been working on and off for Marty aka Job(2) for over two years now, but that’s not a consistent thing.

Speaking of Long & McQuade, my friend T promised me he’d come out to see me, but didn’t show up. I guess I’m not really surprised, he’s never managed to come out to any of my things. And again I have it pointed out to me that I should never make promises I’m unlikely to keep. Not even a word from him, and I reminded him about it. Everyone else who couldn’t make it had reason, and I don’t hold anything against them at all, but then they didn’t promise, and they told me what was going on. I guess I’m a bit disappointed, but I’ll get over it.

Anyhow. Work yesterday. The really odd thing was that I received gifts from people I never expected to receive gifts from. Not to say that I expected any gifts… just that there are some people more likely to give you something than others. When I was on break yesterday, one of the philipino girls who works at the theatre called me over (there are a few of them.) She handed me a plastic bag and told me that I had to wait until I was at home to open it when I was by myself.

I waited like a good girl and opened the bag at home – inside was a little package with this written on it:

Hi Jen,
I wish you luck. Always remember me, and this is a simple souvenir from me, underwear from the philippines.
Take Care
God Bless you

And yes indeed, there was underwear from the Philippines wrapped up in the package. Shawn wasn’t far off when he jokingly said to me that it’s probably lingerie. Heh.

Another of the girls at work gave me a photo album, in which I put pictures of my co-ushers. It’s this neat stand-up album with a sunflower on the front. Very pretty. And the girl who gave me that has only been working at the theatre for a week.

It’s all very strange to me.