From faroh (Yes, it’s a Friday Five)

1) What animal best represents you?
Song Sparrow

2) What color best represents you?

3) What season best represents you?

4) What emotion best represents you?

5) What flower/tree/plant best represents you?
Morning Glory. And it’s not because I’m a morning person.

Sera and Dayle have been trading off sitting on my lap today. Right now it’s Sera’s turn. It’s strange, though, because I don’t sit down for long, but it seems like the moment I do one of the cats just magically appears in my lap. I don’t even know how they get here. Ah well.

I went to switch the laundry, but someone else is doing laundry and has the dryers for the next hour. I’ll have to put my stuff in around 3:45 or so. Blasted. That should still give me enough time to leave for work early, though. I hope.