Driving / Working / etc.

This week has been a period of nearly nonstop driving and working.

Tuesday we drove to Toronto. Wednesday we drove from Toronto to London and back. Thursday we drove from Toronto back up to New Liskeard. Friday Adam worked at the Smoothwater store and I worked cleaning and organizing stuff at the house. Saturday we both worked for Smoothwater (him at the store, me at the lodge.) Today was the same. Tomorrow I’m working at the lodge again. Tuesday and Wednesday will be nonstop sorting through our endless belongings to be rid of most of them. Thursday and Friday we’re both back at Smoothwater. Saturday and possibly Sunday I’ll be having the YARD SALE and Adam will be working at the Smoothwater store.

Anyhow. I’m tired and have a cold and sore throat, and this is the most I’ve been online all week.

Have I missed anything exciting?

In other news, I got the pictures back from Bacchanalia 2004, and red squirrels are the epitome of evil.

I’ve been moody all week, what with the leavetaking of Toronto and the fact that in a month’s time I will be in Vancouver where I know hardly anyone and I have no work lined up and I’m kind of scared. Excited, yes, but also scared. It happens.

Cassie and Twig say hello… well, Cassie says ‘pouty eyed puppy-dog stare’ and Twig says ‘purrrrr.’ I think I’ll make some tea and relax downstairs with the 59″ television screen now.