City of Angels, plans for moving

Hearing this song always makes me want to watch the movie. I could watch it over and over again.

Adam and I walked up to Coxwell and Danforth to pay off my Dentist (finally.) I arranged to get my x-rays copied so I could bring them out west with me. We stopped in on a couple of cycling shops up on the Danforth while we were there and looked at bikes and such. It was good.

Our plans for getting up north have been completely thrown out the window, which is frustrating. Adam’s dad put out his back, so he can’t drive down here to pick us up with car and trailer. Now he’s trying to arrange for one of Adam’s cousins to drive us up north with our camping gear, us, Bryan, and the cats. Ick. And that’s even starting to look like it’s falling apart. Everything is confused. I wish we could just rent a U-Haul or a car or something and be done with it. This is really stressing us out, I hate not knowing what’s going on.

Anyone willing to drive us up north on Sunday? I have a feeling this whole thing with Adam’s cousin is going to fall through…