Yes, happy Canada day for the Umpteenth time…

I’m cooking some lunch type food. The dentist wasn’t very exciting, they just did an initial check sort of thing and some x-rays (yay radiation!) My cleaning won’t be till next Friday. I’ve finished Mirror, Mirror and it wasn’t particularly good. I need another book now. It’s unfortunate that the books GrindBastard was sending me from the states have yet to arrive… they got lost in transit like two months ago. Stupid customs. They’re just BOOKS, people.

I’m trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the day once I’ve eaten. I think it would be nice to go out and wander around. I miss having daytimes to wander around. Tomorrow I work all day and the night, and the weekend is two double-theatre days in a row. Monday… Oh sweet Monday. Maybe I’ll wander on Monday. Except that there can be no spending of moneys anymore.

Speaking of money, I have to give the landlady our 2 months notice today. And I’d like to see Spider-man 2.