No Toilet Tart for me!

Work was uneventful and boring. I suppose that’s for the best, since excitement at work generally means something has gone very wrong. What’s amazing for me to think about is that I’m only going to see Mamma Mia another eleven times. Ever. (insert happy dance here.) And to think, I used to think that having seen Les Miserables four times was a big deal. Yikes.

It’s time for another ‘how many times have I seen Mamma Mia’ calculation. Looks to be about 300 times, once I take out approximately all of the shows I worked but didn’t see the actual show (working door or concessions or coat check/ice cream sales.) And there are people who have been there way longer than me. And aren’t yet insane. Wait, that’s a lie. They’re insane. By the end of next week, that’ll be about 310 shows or so.

I love my Lush deodorant, but it crumbles and ends up all over the floor every time I put it on. It’s kind of frustrating, and it feels like a waste of money. They need to work on that.