Farewell to Jenny Lee / Open Stage Party

I will be having my farewell party on Sunday, August 8th starting around 7:30pm at the Renaissance Cafe on Danforth just west of Woodbine (exit at Woodbine Subway Station.)

I would be thrilled if everyone who wants to say goodbye to me before I leave Toronto would come out to this gathering. I’m totally excited that I’ve managed to make it an open stage, rather than just a ‘sit around drinking’ night. Not that you can’t sit around drinking, but I so completely miss performing that this will be the perfect party for me.

I’ve also convinced Adam that it would be a good idea to lug his keyboard up there for the night (we’ll find a car to do so somehow.) That way, we can perform some of his beautiful new songs as well as maybe one of my originals. Maybe. If I’m drunk enough.

I welcome anyone who wants to perform music or spoken word. I’d be thrilled if people would get the word out, I want this to be a fantastically fun night for me and everyone else who shows. They have some fantastic beers on tap at the Renaissance Cafe, you’ll want to try them out.

Please come and help me have one last huzzah party before I leave town?