Before I shower, a meme…

The \\
Last Cigarette: I don’t smoke
Last Alcoholic Drink: Cranberry & Amaretto, last night at the Nanochrist Show
Last Car Ride: Two Mondays ago with Adam’s Grandmother
Last Kiss: Half an hour ago
Last Good Cry: A few weeks ago, I think?
Last Library Book: Uther, by Jack Whyte
Last book bought: Can’t remember, haven’t been buying books this year
Last Book Read: Don’t Sleep With Your Drummer
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Spiderman 2
Last Movie Rented: Evil Dead 2
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Fuck
Last Beverage Drank: Sprite Remix Berry (mmmmmmm)
Last Food Consumed: perogies
Last Crush: Cream Soda Crush, with my pizza slice
Last Phone Call: One of adam’s ex co-workers called to confirm when we should drop by on Monday.
Last TV Show Watched: Jon Stewart (but it was a rerun so I turned it off.)
Last Time Showered: Yesterday morning
Last Shoes Worn: Rockport running shoes.
Last CD Played: Fleetwood Mac: The Dance
Last Item Bought: Stuff to make Adam a necklace
Last Download: A T-shirt folding video of great amusement
Last Annoyance: Sera being super-annoying
Last Disappointment: Not having dinner with Zoltan
Last Soda Drank: Sprite Remix Berry
Last Thing Written: LJ Entry at 12:37 am
Last Key Used: m
Last Words Spoken: That’s weird
Last Sleep: Last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Last week (Cookie Dough Dynamo Haagen Daaz bar)
Last Chair Sat In: the one I’m sitting in (Ikea Pajala wooden kitchen chair)
Last Webpage Visited: mine

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