Now I’m sitting at Adam’s computer, and it feels kind of wrong. I realize that my computer is (by computer standards) ancient, but I had hoped it would hold out at least until mid-August. It’s only one more month.

I got my extremely old (as in handed down to me from someone’s mother’s kitchen floor seven (7!) years ago) 14″ monitor (12″ of viewing area) from Jay last night to hook that up, but it’s destroyed too. It messes my eyes up worse than the mess that comes from my usual 17″ monitor. The amazing thing is Jay still had it on his office floor.

In any case, if anyone local (Toronto) has a spare PC monitor that actually works, and is willing to donate it to me for about 5 weeks (I’ll give it back after that) then I’d really like to borrow it, and I would be very thankful. I’ve got my old 15″ monitor in storage up north, so when I get up there I’ll have that one again, but I can’t get that down here right now since no one I know is coming down until we move up there. Please leave me a comment here if you have any ideas.

In other news, my dentist appointment yesterday went well. My teeth feel very very clean – having seven years of buildup removed is liberating. So Much Tartar. Next week I’m going back again to get the chips fixed on my front teeth from when I was eating perogies and bit down hard on my fork. I don’t recommend biting down on a fork. It hurts a lot.

It looks like a pretty nice day out there today. Biking to work should be good. Maybe I’ll grab something to eat before I leave. Maybe I’ll pamper myself at least a tiny bit today. Between monitor death and dreaming all night that Adam was furious with me and I couldn’t figure out why and he wouldn’t tell me, I’m feeling rather unsettled and strange today.