My wardrobe doesn’t do summer weather

My lack of shorts is starting to plague me, what with the biking and the very hot humid days. Bleh. I must acquire shorts or I will die of heat exhaustion. It’s a Saturday double show day, and our regular manager is on vacation for the next week, which means I’ll never actually work with her again. That is just weird, I tell you. Not a bad thing, though.

I’m not sure why I thought this, but for some reason I was sure that July only had 30 days. Every calendar I look at as well as the news websites tell me otherwise, however. Blasted.

Ah well, time to bike to work and hope the thunderstorm misses me again.

On PBS Tonight

I love you Fleetwood Mac….

Got bored and switched on the TV, and they’re showing a Fleetwood Mac concert on PBS. It’s not the Dance, I don’t think – doesn’t sound like the same recording. Now there’s a DVD I want very very much.

There. Have added to my Amazon Wishlist, so that I don’t forget I want it when I have extra cash to spend on myself.

It just started pouring. I think we got home from Timmy’s just in time.

No Toilet Tart for me!

Work was uneventful and boring. I suppose that’s for the best, since excitement at work generally means something has gone very wrong. What’s amazing for me to think about is that I’m only going to see Mamma Mia another eleven times. Ever. (insert happy dance here.) And to think, I used to think that having seen Les Miserables four times was a big deal. Yikes.

It’s time for another ‘how many times have I seen Mamma Mia’ calculation. Looks to be about 300 times, once I take out approximately all of the shows I worked but didn’t see the actual show (working door or concessions or coat check/ice cream sales.) And there are people who have been there way longer than me. And aren’t yet insane. Wait, that’s a lie. They’re insane. By the end of next week, that’ll be about 310 shows or so.

I love my Lush deodorant, but it crumbles and ends up all over the floor every time I put it on. It’s kind of frustrating, and it feels like a waste of money. They need to work on that.

A real entry

I’m biking in to work tonight, regardless of the dark skies and impending thunderstormness of outside. I’ll bring my rain jacket and hope for the best.

Hopefully I will be in a reasonable position tonight at work. At least I got being Toilet Tart out of the way last night. I shouldn’t have to do that again this week, and hopefully not next week either, if there is any fairness to this world. Heh.

The Simpsons is on, but I think I’ll just write up my little note to the theatre’s General Manager rather than watch it. Or maybe I’ll make my poster up for the Open Stage to put on the bulletin board at work. Too many choices, and only half an hour left!

Wherein JennyLee plans a party before she flees Toronto forever

This is just a message to let you know about my upcoming ‘We’re moving to Vancouver and want to say goodbye to everyone’ gathering on Sunday, August the 8th. Adam and I are heading up north for the canoe trip the following week (leaving Toronto on the 15th of August) and this is probably the last chance we’ll get to see a lot of you for a long while. We move to Vancouver on the 26th of September, but we’ll be living in New Liskeard between the 15th and then.

We would love to see you, so please let me know if you can make it out on the 8th to the Renaissance Café, at Woodbine and Danforth (one block west of Woodbine on Danforth, on the North side of the street.) I’ll even attach a map, so you can’t use the ‘I couldn’t find the place’ excuse!

The night will also be an open stage which I am hosting and performing at. If you’d like to perform something, let me know in advance or just sign up with me when you arrive. Performing is obviously not mandatory, I really only made it an open stage because I wanted the chance to perform myself one last time before I leave town. Yes, I’m my own feature, and you know, it’s all about JennyLee. 😉 There will be a couple of acoustic guitars as well as Adam’s keyboard available for musical performers. If you want to do something other than music, bring your own props.

I’m thinking about starting the event around 7:30 or 8:00, depending on how long it takes me to get set up and how many people have made it there by then. They serve great food at the Renaissance, so I’ll likely be having my dinner there earlier than 7:30. They also have some really neat beers on tap, as well as the usual bar-type liquors, and your usual selection of non-alcoholic beverages.

Please send this to people who I may want to see but don’t have emails for anymore. I guess ask them first if they’ve received it, and find out if they actually want to see me too. Heh.

Here’s the info for the Renaissance Café:
Their Website
1938 Danforth Ave.
1 Block west of Woodbine on Danforth; get off the subway at Woodbine Station
Parking is available on side streets or behind the grocery store at Woodbine & Danforth in the green P lot.

Adam & I hope to see you there!

Oh yeah, the map:

My Box Set

I gave notice on Tuesday of my resignation at the theatre. After handing the letter to my manager, I went downstairs to get programs to stuff and did a little happy dance. I was entertained.

I’ve done whatever work I needed to get done here, but I’m scheduled to stay until 4:00, so here I sit. I am both bored and boring. Must entertain myself somehow.

Hmm. If my life were a box set, what would the Discs be called?

Disc One: Just a small town country Girl
Wherein we hear songs about moving from house to house in small towns, living in a trailer with the mom and the stepdad and the brother and sister and dogs and cats and broke-down chevy…

Disc Two: Daddy’s Little Girl
Wherein we hear songs about confusion, sadness, betrayal, and a whole whack of pain, followed by anger and a little more betrayal.

Disc Three: Can’t stay long, I’m moving on
A series of songs about self-renewal and self-examination, where relationships don’t last and I can’t stay put for more than six months to a year at a time.

Disc Three: Solitude builds character
We discover the ups and downs of being alone through the songs on disc three. As the disc progresses, the songs become stronger and more sure of themselves.

Disc Four: Ready or Not
Wherein things seem to be working out until another fall takes us down somewhere dark and unhappy. This time, though, by the end of the disc things are definitely starting to pull together coherently for a change.

Disc Five: I’m still Alive
A life altering experience in the north opens this disc, followed by a whirlwind of romantic songs and general happiness. It settles into a steady, cheerful set of tunes, evening itself by the end with a series of problems that used to be huge showing themselves as nothing insurmountable. A hopeful disc with thoughts towards the future.

That’s as far as my box set would be up to.


There’s something that always makes me feel amazed and amazing when I’m walking on Finch Ave. and I get caught in the shadow of a massive jet. It’s happened twice this week. I don’t know what the odds are of that (being somewhat close to the airport and all,) but they can’t be that good.

I skipped dinner last night, which sucked for me today because I came in to work all woozy and strange-headed. I picked up some Wendy’s on the way in. Yeah. Healthy. I know. But it was fast food or death, I swear!

I have more to write, will do so in a little bit.


Sorry about all the memes last night… I just didn’t have anything exciting to talk about, and I needed to entertain myself with something.

Now it’s time for a double show day. I think I’m going to bring my camera and take pictures of my cow-orkers to remember them by.

More memeishness, then to bed I go

This is a very long one… Take this list of things one might or might not have ever done in one’s life, bold the ones you’ve done, and add five to the bottom, three of which you’ve done. Continue Reading

Memes in cut, and other things

We just watched 50 First Dates, which was very cute and amusing. But then, I love Drew Barrymore. The soundtrack was pretty cool, too – covers of 80s pop hits, done hawaiian style. Very very cute.

Today I did a photo shoot with Bryan. We spent over an hour at the Royal Alex theatre in the first balcony lounge area, just taking a whole whack of pictures for his website-in-development. It was fun, although I still don’t feel like taking pictures of people is really my thing. We shall see how they turned out when I get the film developed.

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