What’s so maybe about…

I’m at the office of work(3). I really didn’t want to get up this morning, but I did and here I am, so whatever. At least I’ve got stuff to do here. The Fax Machine isn’t working right, it’s starting to make me quite angry. I’m not a fan of fax machines, may I never own one.

They’re really starting to look into hiring someone new here for the stuff I do as well as Admin stuff. The last person they brought in didn’t work out, and I’m leaving town in 8 weeks, so their time is getting short.

I’m really quite sleepy. I ate a candy bar to try and get a bit of sugar energy, but it hasn’t worked so far. Going to have to go get real food shortly.

Ooh… the fax machine appears to be working now. *Crosses fingers* Yay! It finished printing!!