A fantastic sunny day

Today I went out and took pictures in the ravine park, then dropped off film at the Black’s down the street. I sat outside for a while eating a slice of pizza in my yard, then grabbed my bike and took the bike path downtown to Cloud Gardens. Interesting place, that… they’ve made an incredible use of space there. I took a few more pictures there, and then went over to the Metro Centre park where I ran into Lindsay. We sat around on the grass a while watching insane pigeons peck at Lindsay’s toes. I took some more pictures. Two girls came up to us and interviewed us about music for CBC Radio, which was entertaining. They had a very nice Sennheiser Microphone hooked up to a minidisc player.

I headed out to meet Adam for dinner – we had Salad King, which is wonderfully good and inexpensive thai food. When we were done, we just sat in Dundas Square for a while (apparently if you build it, they really do come – Dundas Square was full of people just hanging out, sitting around in the sun.) And then I went to work, where I got to do Upper Balcony tickets, which is much better than ushering because you have something to do rather than just standing around watching the show. I was somewhat annoyed by the fact that pre-show one of the ushers went into the washroom in the Upper Balcony to have a cigarette. I went in to wash my hands after she came out, and all I could smell was cigarette smoke. It was horrible and illegal. No point in telling the management about it, though – all they’ll do is punish everyone, including non-smokers, and it won’t actually have any impact on the situation at hand. Anyhow, I told one of the other Ushers on the floor, just to be able to vent about it.

I am now counting the weeks until I leave the theatre. It’s ten weeks and three days until I’m done. That’s nothing! I wish I had some sort of countdown icon image thingie or something. That would make me happy.