Today was a strangely groggy day. Uneventful at work. Biking to work was slow and tiring today, I think taking a couple of days off from biking really wipes me out when I start up again. I was fine by the time we went home, though.

The Producers is actually sold out all week. So sad, that it takes the show shutting down for people to get around to seeing it. It’s unfortunate, because it really is a great show. Ah well, not my problem really.

Double day tomorrow. I should go to bed now. I’m thinking about getting some sort of orange essential oil and putting it in/around/on things that I don’t want the cats to go near – just to see if it works. They say that cats don’t much like citrus. I want to test this theory.


All right then… I’ve set up a dentist’s appointment for Canada Day. Apparently the dental office doesn’t take Canada Day off. Works for me, I’m not planning anything exciting for the day anyhow.

Jordy’s going back up north. Adam and I are envious and tired of working. Adam’s picking up shifts left and right at Mountain Equipment Co-op now that he’s not going to be working at the theatre after they close on Sunday. It’s really kind of sad… the Producers was a fantastic show, really.

I am not looking forward to the dentist.


We were thinking about going to see a movie tonight, but the timing didn’t work out, so we didn’t go. Came home instead to watch some election results and go for a brief walk on the beach.

I’m inexplicably tired.

I have Thursday off – Canada Day. Will most likely stay at home and relax.

I must find a dentist. Bleh.


I have just returned from voting. My roommate tells me that he’s too lazy to vote. The voting station is literally across the street, we can see it from our window. I would like to kill him now.

Moving on, however, I am making a bagel. I think today I’ll go out and wander around a bit before we head up to Adam’s grandmother’s house. Adam’s just going to play some video games, but I’m not in the mood to sit on the computer. I suppose I could clean the apartment, but I fail to see the point, really.

I think I’ll just go for a walk instead.

A nice evening overall

Adam & I went out tonight with Lindsay (from work) and Ian (not roommate Ian, another Ian.) We had dinner and drinks at Murphy’s Law, which was great, then walked along the beach and headed towards our house, ending up at Mersini’s where we had another drink and Ian & Lindsay had a belgian waffle.

It was a good night overall, lots of good conversation was to be had, which was nice. I’ve kind of been feeling like I’m incapable of being interesting lately, because I just haven’t had anything to say for what feels like months. Just feel like I’m disconnected from everything, and have felt that way for a while. It makes me feel sorry for myself (which is never a good thing, since I really hate when I’m feeling sorry for myself because if I’m feeling that way then I don’t even want to be in my own company, so I feel even worse because I figure if I want to avoid me then so does everyone else. Yes, I think in too many assumptive circles. Is assumptive a word?)

At any rate, all I’m really trying to say is that I feel boring, and actually going out and having an interactive good conversation that I felt like I was a part of really helped me to get rid of that feeling. I need more conversations like that, I need to be with people I connect with more often. It makes me feel more… real, I guess.

Cyn mentioned the 3 Day Novel contest. I’m starting to consider it (like I do every year, Pinky.) I don’t know, though. It’s a lot of money to spend on what basically ends up being a writing exercise and a challenge to myself. I should theoretically be able to challenge myself that way without spending 50$ on it… theoretically. Except I know that that’s mostly a lie I like to tell myself. I shall have to consider more, I still have some time to do so. The difference this year is I actually have an idea.

By the way, my Tom Waits mix CD from the USA is fantastic. That is all.

Long day….

The afternoon show was quite an adventure. Could have gone far less smoothly, however, so I’m not complaining. The evening show was completely without events, other than my being tired and nearly toppling down the stairs backwards due to loss of balance. Whoops.

I’m making some soupworks with cheese tortellini thrown in. It’s nearly ready… and I’m super-hungry. Mmmmm food.

Tomorrow is just the one show, and then I’m off for a whole night followed by an entire day. Woot!

Hail to the King, baby…

All right then… I am home. Evil Dead the Musical was absolutely fantastic, and I’m really glad we watched both of the Evil Dead movies right before going to see the play. It really helped with all the in-jokes that I would have probably forgotten about. And if you’ve never seen the Evil Dead movies, you wouldn’t get the Musical at all. But damn, it was fantastic. The blood splattering pretty much missed me, although Jordy & Adam were both hit by it and the guy to my right dogded out of the way nearly into my lap when it came for him.

In other news, my position at the theatre tomorrow is Wheelchair washroom (of which there is one for the entire theatre.) Tomorrow is also the day that a group of about 350 from the War Amps of Canada are coming. And I won’t have had nearly enough sleep, because I didn’t get home until 3:30 in the morning. I’m going to bed in a few minutes, yes.Tomorrow is going to be something… ummm… special.

Evil Dead the Musical

So we have our tickets for Evil Dead: The Musical tomorrow (Friday) night. We got tickets for the first few rows, which are known as the Blood seats, due to the amount of blood that will splatter on theatre patrons sitting in the first few rows. I’ll have to choose my clothing carefully. They do, however, provide a plastic sheet for you, I’m told.

In honour of Evil Dead the Musical, Jordy brought over the DVD for The Evil Dead and we watched it tonight. Bruce Campbell is something special. Adam’s listed off a few of the song titles to us from the show tomorrow night… they’re hysterical. It should be quite an amusing show. And I get to see it because it’s at 11:30pm! Sweeeeeet.


We’re probably going to see Evil Dead: The Musical sometime this weekend at 11:30pm after work. The first three rows are blood splatter seats. This two weeks may well be the most plays I’ve ever seen in a short time, ever (Mamma Mia not included.)

There has never been a post where this icon is more appropriate than this one right now.