Work / Rain / Tattoo

Double Day today!

Tomorrow I only have to work at 6:30 pm, which means I have most of the day off to relax. This is good. I’m looking forward to it. Oh sweet sleep, I love you so very much.

Twenty-seven degrees today! And a 40% chance of thunderstorms. We’ve decided to bike this afternoon. If it’s pouring when we get home, it’s pouring when we get home.

I’m trying to decide at this very moment how big the new tattoo is going to be. I’m so excited! It’s hard, though, because I don’t have any full-length mirrors, and figuring out exact measurements backwards is awkward. I’d ask Adam to help but he just ran to the store for a bolt for his bike. Blasted.

I think I actually feel a lot better today. This makes me incredibly happy.