What? I had to work?

I got a call at about ten after seven tonight asking me where I was. Apparently I was supposed to be at the cafe to work, and I had absolutely no clue. Oops. I finished eating my dinner and biked up there in about fifteen minutes – up that horrible hill. I actually made it up the hill without too much trouble today. I am AMAZING!

It looks like I may have three jobs now. Probably going to have to pare them down once I know what’s going on with everything, but damn will I have some extra income and no sleep for a little while!! Again, I am AMAZING!! Or incredibly STUPID!!

So Jordy brought us over his PS2 for a few weeks (at least.) Unfortunately, I can’t find a copy of dynasty warriors (3 or 4) ANYWHERE, not even for rent at the Rogers Video down the street. If anyone knows how/where I can find it, please give me that information. I would really really appreciate it.

Now I am going to try Shockwave’s Feeding Frenzy game because I like the name. Adam is playing SSX 3 on the PS2. I may try that later. I’m starving right now, should go find something to eat.