Thursday used to be my favourite day…

but that was when I worked a double day Wednesday, then had both Thursday and Friday free until 6:30 pm. Three jobs. I am insane. Not complaining here… just commenting on my insanity.

Actually finished what I had to get done at work(3) a bit early today, so I went downtown to meet up with Adam for dinner before heading to the theatre. The theatre was also pretty good, since I ended up with another Door shift, which I always enjoy. I took some cold medication before work, it helped curb the coughing fits I’ve been having all day for a while. Unfortunately, talking nonstop for the preshow hour made me nearly lose my voice. I’m feeling better now though.

Tomorrow I work at the Cafe before I go to the theatre. I can’t decide if I want it to be busy or not. If it’s busy, it goes quicker but I get more tired out. If it’s not busy, I can relax a bit but the day drags on. Tough call. Not that it really matters, since it’ll be whatever it is.

My custard dessert slice tastes wrong. That makes me sad.