The sound of heavy gunfire from all sides…

Adam’s playing Call of Duty in surround sound. It’s pretty good at the surround sound thing. And there are a lot of guns.

Lindsay at work crocheted this little square that is the perfect size for a mug of tea, and she gave it to me to take home. I have it on my pseudo-desk now, it makes me happy and cradles my tea. She also gave me a pot holder that she crocheted. It’s very soft and I like to hold it against my cheek.

Went back to my old work today to learn what they’re working on now. They want me to come back and work with them again on a part-time basis, which is cool. Next week, though, when I go in again, I’ll have to talk to them about the move. Also have to talk to the people at the cafe about the move, since I have yet to do so. Things are looking a little shakey on a few sides, and it’s my responsibility to sort them all out. Maybe once I’ve done so things will settle down more and I’ll feel better.

I keep thinking about the move. It’s not that far away now. Maybe 12-13 weeks until we head up north for the trip, then my sister’s wedding in early September (the 11th,) then a few more weeks of sorting things out as needed (maybe do some pickup work up north if they need us for a couple of weeks, and if we have the time.) Then the move. That last month and a half is going to whip by. We’re thinking about buying our plane tickets now to make sure we have them and we can concentrate the rest of our savings on moving what stuff we need to move and paying for things once we’re out there. It’s a definite thing now. I’m looking forward to it more than I can really explain. This feels like something that’s long overdue, and I’m starting to get really excited.