Reality TV Made-For-TV

I actually ended up working until 1:30 tonight (this morning, whatever.) My next shift at the Cafe is Friday morning, and the rest of the week is regular theatre shifts. Which means that tomorrow is a regular theatre shift day. I’ll do my best not to stay up so insanely late tonight as I did last night. Considering I spent about three hours last night reading and looking at pictures and drawings by survivors and the history of Hiroshima, I’m surprised I managed to sleep at all.

Adam’s watching some made-for-tv movie about a reality tv show. I feel as though the show is totally bottom-feeding. But what do I know?


  • ex_faroh24

    May 4, 2004 at 12:13 am

    Sadly, I was watching the same show. Totally bottom-feeding, yet I continued to watch.