On the Rochester Ferry to Toronto project…

Go Toronto Port Authority!! Way to be completely fucking useless!!!

(From the globe and mail, who apparently got it from CFTO news…

Toronto’s high-speed ferry to Rochester, N.Y., arrived yesterday at its southern port across Lake Ontario. The Breeze, as it has been named, will be the first new cross-border ferry in 40 years, sending travellers across the lake at 80 km/h in just 2½ hours.

Rochester’s mayor expressed concern yesterday that there is still no customs terminal on the Canadian side and that there has been no decision on who will pay the nearly $2-million-a-year charge to open the border crossing.

Toronto Mayor David Miller told CFTO news that the Toronto Port Authority has embarrassed the city internationally because a permanent terminal still has not been built.

Port Authority officials say a temporary terminal is being constructed in Grimsby, and will arrive in Toronto next week. The ferry can hold 774 passengers.

Keep in mind that the Ferry was due to start running May 1st. If you look at the Calendar, that would be today. They haven’t even put up the temporary ‘tent’ they were talking about putting up. So very useless.

In other news, I now have a First Aid certification and can administer first aid in emergency situations. Good to know, I figure.

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  • daruba

    May 1, 2004 at 11:31 am

    yah, the’yre the biggest pile of shit ever..